Episode 29

Coffee and or Tea

16 May 2018

15 mins 13 secs

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About this Episode

Sam and Dave talk about Coffee and Tea, and associated activities.

  • Sam talks about Mothers Day presents
  • Sam lists why this time of year is always busy for her
  • Sam talks about why it's a big year for her
  • Dave doesn't think January and December don't count as part of the year
  • Sam talks about buying Fairtrade beans
    • Fairtrade is about stable prices, decent working conditions and the empowerment of farmers and workers around the world.
  • Dave doesn't make a good cup of coffee
  • Dave thinks three cups of coffee is too many
  • Sam is British and list of her favourite teas
  • Of course the milk in first or last issue comes up
  • They talk about loose leaf tea vs tea bags
  • Sam's grandfather didn't know how many sugars went in his tea
  • They talk about the family tradition of Sunday arvo tea and biscuits
  • Sam thinks a medium coffee is better, but Dave thinks the smaller one is preferable, and neither know the actual size of the cups they're ordering
  • Sam doesn't like McDonald's or Starbucks coffee
  • Dave talks about his uncle putting 7 teaspoons of sugar in his tea
  • Sam talks a bit more about Dave's uncle being a hermit in the bush and not wearing shoes
  • They both didn't start drinking coffee until mid 20s
  • Dave doesn't know what a percolator is, and Sam probaly meant Drip Coffee
  • They both forget the name for a french press
  • Dave is incredibly lazy 'making' his coffee
  • Sam doesn't think instant coffee is that romantic
  • Sam doesn't use the pod machines, except for when she does and it's free
  • Dave applies single origin coffee beans to chicken nuggets
  • Sam is knackered

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