Episode 25

The One with All the Music

18 April 2018

30 mins 32 secs

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Join Sam and Dave as they meander though the music of their youth. Sam asks some questions from the Music Survey of 60 Questions website, which kickstarts various discussions relating to music.

  • Dave gets a haircut which he has no idea how much it cost
  • Dave bought a foam microphone windscreen and wants a mic flag
  • The kids loved watching the turntable spin, but it's broken now
  • Dave still doesn't have a fax machine
  • They both talk about first bands, songs and albums they can remember
  • The Prime Minister forgot the lyrics to "You're the Voice" twice, but Sam remembers them without problem
  • What music did they first spend their own money on?
  • Dave recounts a tape that was stuck in a broken tape deck
  • Sam talks about recording mixed tapes from the radio
  • Dave talks about buying the "Hottest 100" albums from Triple J
  • Sam talks about all her music swag in her bedroom
  • We find out that Sam had a chandelier in her bedroom as well and Dave realises he married into wealth
  • Dave listened to Rage during friend sleepovers
  • They try and work out the most annoying song in the world
  • They talk about their first concerts they remember going to, and we found out there's something called "The Cliff Richards Club"
  • The boys finished skating and were hot and sweaty
  • Sam tells Dave again that she doesn't like music he listens to
  • They both talk about the most recent gig or concert they went to
  • Dave complains about ripping CDs
  • Sam talks about how she hasn't ever dated a saxophone player
  • The word of the day is "saxophonist"
  • Dave doesn't like Country Music, but his sister does
  • Sam isn't keen on Country Music either, but her brother loved Glen Campbell when he was young
  • Sam recounts a story about line dancing in restaurants in Florida and not watching a shuttle launch
  • They both talk about their most memorable concert events; Sam watched a guitar solo and Dave got rained on
  • Sam talks about a few famous musicians she's met
  • They talk about music that prompt memories whenever they hear it
  • Sam can't remember the name of "East 17", but talks about a random bridge
  • They ponder if ads and coversongs ruin the original song
  • Dave underestimates people making coversongs
  • Sam gets distracted researching holidays
  • Lastly we leave a special gift for listening all the way to the end

We've added links in the show notes for all the music snippets you heard, and we encourage you to purchase the full versions if you've been reminded of an old favourite or found something new.

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